About us

At Parkfill we have remodelled the way you refuel your vehicle. Filling up will never be more than just a click away. Being a highly specialised mobile fuel dispensing company we are excited to share how we can make filling up less of an inconvenience.

Fuel service stations are primarily the front line for fuel dispensing. But for a successful station to be sustainable it has to be in a prime, high traffic volume location. Normally CBD’S and urban areas where you work, play and live. This translates to long queues and high frustration levels for you, especially during month end, and basic fuel price change periods.

Fuel services can be seen differently. Through PARKFILL, you can conveniently fill up your tank while sitting at your desk at their workplace. Through PARKFILL you can go straight passed the long queues at the filling station during peak traffic periods. You can order fuel after having ordered lunch. You need fuel to travel, why can’t fuel travel to you? Through PARKFILL, you can conveniently and safely answer this question. Through us, fuel can finally be delivered to you at your place of occupation.

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Facilities Managers
Employee well being and general optimimism is in the good interest of any firm. Employers have to be cognisant of the work conditions and work life style of their work force on their facilities. Parkfill provides a convenient solution to employee refuelling needs. They can fill up at work, without the need of leaving the premises. This increases time at work and all round level if productivity.

Simply put, very few if any people enjoy the errand of running to fuel station to fill up. It’s a necessity, that can be conveniently facilitated at your premises safely.